How photography affect our lives

When Nicephore Niepce clicked the first photograph in 1814, he had no idea that photography would evolve to what it is today. In the past decades, the popularity of photography has skyrocketed and so has its influence. Today, everyone is conscious of the impact photography has on our lives; it has become a necessity in every sector. From images on magazines, movies to selfies on social media, photography has become part and parcel of our modern society.

Let’s face it Photography has become an important aspect of the modern society; we simply cannot do without it. Unlike in the early days where photos were reserved for the elite today, everyone is a photographer, and we love it. The beauty of it all is that cameras have been built in almost every electronic device. People can now share moments and communicate to the world. It is a fact that the message that photography conveys highly depend on the skill level of the photographer. However, innovations that support editing of photographs have been established to enable amateur photographers to fine tune pictures to deliver the precise message. Moreover, these editing features allow people to experience the thrill that photography has to offer.
Innovations such as Instagram, Twitter, pinintrest and Facebook among others have helped bring significant attention to photography. Today, people especially the millennials will capture their happy moments and share them on social media. Photography has brought people together; the modern society has become more inclusive and is increasingly embracing this aspect. Do you know how photography affects your life? Here are some reasons why photography is important.
It’s being used to advertise and create awareness
Photography has a unique way of moving us; our emotions are easily moved by what we see. A photograph captures our memorable moments and our sorrow. Today, advertising companies and cooperates have discovered how photographs and images synchronise with our subconscious and are using them to advertise their products and services.
Business owners are now aware that use of pictures captures responsiveness better than slogans and use of big words. The use of interesting pictures will help potential buyers to visualise what you are selling. If a business wants to achieve competitive advantage and dominate the market then use of creative photography in their advertising strategy is the way to go.
Validate information
People will believe what they see and will casually disregard what they simply read or hear as fake news or rumors. For this reason, Media houses have to combine videos and photographs to certify the information they distribute. How do you tell the suffering of people in a war torn country if you don’t show us their photos? Photography is more accurate than other Medias they are evidence that information has not been fabricated.
Photography Speaks louder than words
Photography not only makes you an artist but also helps you communicate with others. It is a fact that Photography is an intricate language, ironically, people comprehend it better that other languages. For this reason, people will use photographs to express their emotions and interpretations. Additionally, Photography tells us about your personality, status, opinion and how you view life.
Improved our education and health sector
People will understand and remember what they see. For this reason, scholars accentuate the need for use pictures to collaborate what is being taught in school. Pictures not only makes is easy for students but also makes learning interesting.
Thanks to photography doctors can detect a brain tumor without necessarily performing surgery. Machines such as x-rays have enabled doctors to understand the human body even more. Today, mothers can get photos of their infants as they grow in their womb. Additionally, using some modern, sophisticated machines, doctors can now see cancerous cells that were had to see before. This shows that photography is important in our lives as it enables specialists to understand our bodies and come up with solutions that are relevant and certain.
Influence our decisions and opinions
A picture will make you develop an opinion about someone or product. If catchy pictures are used to advertise a product chances are that people will buy them. Therefore, photography influences our buying habits and decisions. Additionally, Photography has for a long time influenced how we vote. Politicians will invest in good pictures of to influence your decision; they know that people read a lot in pictures and will distribute pictures that relate to people wants and problems. Celebrities have also come to master the art and are posting dazzling pictures hoping to expand their fan base.

The discovery photography has dramatically changed how our worlds think and operate. The aspect has become a significant factor in our lives and cannot be ignored. Progressively, photography continues to grow, and its influence is expected to rise more in future.

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When Photography Changed the World

The invention of photography date back to 1830s. This form of art has made it possible for all of us to see the world in new ways, change history and the way we do things and most importantly, change the discourse of life-threatening topics such as war. During the early age times, only members of the upper or royal classes could have their images made. It was until the mid-20th century that everyone could take pictures and share it with the world.


For centuries, artists have been using images to convey concepts, ideas, and occasion in a more powerful way than any word could express. Nowadays, photography has become a predominant means of communication. How could we have managed to do without photography whose impact in our lives is seen everywhere: family memories, parties and weddings, travel destinations or adventure, passports, identity, books & magazines, news, and entertainment etc.
While photography has a positive influence on our everyday lives, there are few instances where it had the greatest impact that changed the world. At the very best, these situations remind us that a photograph can have the power to transport us to unseen worlds. Some of the photographs from the last century illustrate how powerful it can be in opening human eyes, spreading the news, changing opinions, and igniting movements.
Nick Ut’s harrowing photos of a young girl in Vietnam who had stripped off her burning clothes after terribly burned in a napalm attack is still clear in our minds so do other. The photograph taken by Nilufer Demir of a lifeless Syrian boy being carried by a Turkish policeman, Matt Black’s photographs on poverty in modern day America, Ron Haviv’s photo of supporters of the then Panamanian dictator General Manuel Noriega attacking Panama’s elected Vice President Guillermo Ford, and South African Carter’s photo about a starving girl in the famine-stricken Sudan, all had nearly same impact. These photographs increased the awareness of issues facing human beings around the world in a way that had a significant influence on the decisions made about those issues.
For Instance, Nick Ut’s photo, popularly referred to as “The Terror of War” has long been linked to the ending of the Vietnam War. However, it is difficult to prove the actual role, but we all know that it had great influence in bringing out the cruelty of the war and as a result sparking public outrage. Immediately after the photo was published, the war ended. It is believed that Nick’s photo exposed the faceless brutality of the war. The pressure from the public led to the removal of American troops in Vietnam.
In a similar manner, Nilufer Demir’s photo of a drowned Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi helped in bringing out the reality of the war on that country and the refugee crisis. People saw the human cost of the situation. They sympathized with fellow human beings who were going through such challenges. What followed was increasing urge on the governments to allow more refugees as a means of saving these people from hapless fates. There were positive responses to the situation. A case in point is, the then UK Prime Minister David Cameron agreed to let in more refugees from the region.
Matt Blacks photos which often referred to as “Geography of Poverty”, captured the reality of the extent of American poverty. He traveled across more than 70 towns and cities to bring out the reality of the situation. Although there is no clear immediate action attributed to the photos, he helped to bring out how greed, corruption, and power had taken center stage in what was once a great nation.
The images captured by Ron Haviv in Panama is another clear example of how major decisions were influenced by photography. Months after the photo was published by Newsweek, Time, and U.S. News and World Report, the then President of the United States, George H.W. Bush cited the images to justify the US invasion of Panama. His work now exhibits at Anastacia Photo gallery in New York.
The above is just a few examples of how photography could influence major decisions that changed the world. There are other great works of various photographers across the globe such as The Falling Man by Richard Draw who captured a man falling from World Trade Center during September 11 attacks, 1989 Tiananmen Square protest as captured by Jeff Widener, and 1936 Loyalist Militiaman as he died as captured by Robert Capa. This photo generated a stir after being published in the French magazine, Vu. In some quarters, it was seen as an anti-war statement.
The continual advancement in technology, especially the digital photography, is expected to enhance the influence of photography. Today, about a half a billion images are uploaded to the web every day. Now being the social media era, the distribution or sharing of photos is even faster.

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7 Ways Photographers Can Help You to grow your Vegas Escorts business

There are a great many beautiful escorts in Las Vegas. They not only photograph well, but the are excellent for promoting your Vegas Escorts business. Some of you may be wondering how this is possible. It is pretty good marketing idea. As a business owner, you have to know how to get the most out of your ideas. Here are seven sure-fire ways to use a photographer to promote your escort service.

The Google Pages

There are lots of beautiful escorts in Las Vegas already being promoted on Google. All you have to do is figure out how to use it to your advantage. Tap into something that has not been done before. It is easy to put up an image of a girl and use it to advertise. It is another thing to get rankings out of it. Put up the listing on the business side of Google. Use the correct keywords, such as the photographer being used. The rankings will come.

It is the organic approach, but one that will pay off in years to come.

Use Social Media

Some escorts use social media to help out their businesses and some do not. It is in your best interest to use a social media link. Use the link for your page and the photographer you use. Link the two together. The audience for your photographer will take notice of your business.

There is a service called IFTTT. It helps those who have trouble posting to their sites regularly. The service will do it automatically. Post in one place and it gets sent to all the other locations you use on social media.


This may seem like an outdated process to some, but it really does work. Do you have some new girls you want your clients to know about? Write about them. Tell your audience who they are and where they can be viewed. You do have to keep up with the blogging. It is a necessary tool.

Word of Mouth

it is pretty old-fashioned, but it does work. Nothing travels more than word of mouth. One client may have had a good time with this one girl. Post it online using the referral of the photographer. His clients may be interested in contacting you to find out more. Referrals are a good way to grow a business. This tool is very underrated in the escort business. It is a tool more people should take advantage of. You can use referrals to help your photographer out and vise-versa.

One hand washes the back of the other person.

Networking Is Key

This goes for any business. It is especially important when you are in the photography and escort business. Your photographer knows people. You know people. Why not combine the two? Depending on how well you two get along, you can combine the two. Be careful with this. Better be sure you know the photographer you are working with very well. He may have taken the pictures of a few of your girls, but this does not mean you two know each other.

Find out more about their inner circle. Maybe there are a few favors you can swap out for their time. Make sure it on the level, though. The point is, networking is a crucial part of any business surviving.


Say you have a girl you have used as part of your escort service. Say she likes what she is doing. She may know a few friends who live in the same area. They may want to get involved too.

Same thing goes for your photographer. Say he or she likes doing business with you. They may know someone in the same business who want to get in on it. It is best to know the person well in order to do this. Recruiting friends of the photographer may seem weird, but it does work. It is the same as using a referral service, it is just on a different level.

Photo Blogs

This is a good way to get advertising. In exchange for a service, ask to be featured. Many do this as a form of payment, without putting out any money. Your escort business getting featured on a photo blog will bring big numbers. You will end up connecting with people you may never have before.

To stay relevant in the Vegas escorts business you have to be noticed. You have to work continuously and consistently at it. The more you are noticed, the more clients will come to talk to you. It is good business.

When you are in business for yourself, you need to think of every moment as a business opportunity.

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Top 5 Best Photographers in Las Vegas

In the modern society, photography is a crucial aspect, especially for the residents of Las Vegas, in the United States of America. In Las Vegas, numerous individuals perform the art of photography for a living, while others do it for fun. During your wedding, birthday party, homecoming, honey money or any other event, you require a highly qualified individual who will take high-quality photos. The images make the event memorable.

However, not all photographers found in Las Vegas have proficient skills to perform the art. The art is driven by passion, determination, and experience. At times, it may be difficult to choose the best expert who will offer you excellent services. When planning for your wedding or any other event, you should ensure that you meet with the photographer before the big day. Meeting with the individual will enable you to create a perfect rapport.

Additionally, you will be able to know the personality of the photographer you will hire. Arranging for a meeting with the photographer is highly recommendable because you will get a chance to have a discussion about the plans for your events, including the date, venue and time.

References from friends, neighbors, and relatives can also play a significant role in the process of getting a photographer with exceptional expertise in Las Vegas. Below is a detailed list of the top 5 best and renowned photographers in Las Vegas. They are the best because they offer high-quality services consistently, throughout the year.

1. Vik Chohan Photography
The Vik Chohan Photography is one of the best studios located in Las Vegas. Mostly, the studio specializes in offering wedding-related photography services. Vik is an experienced photographer and consultant in the field. Many people in Las Vegas prefer getting his services because he serves his clients with respect and dignity.

At Vik Chohan Photography studio, they have modern equipment. Therefore, they take high-quality photos for their customers during wedding ceremonies. Vik is straightforward in all aspects because he always delivers what he promises his clients.

Additionally, the photography services of Vik are highly affordable. He does not charge unreasonable amounts of money to his clients. It is advantageous to everyone in Las Vegas because the residents will be able to plan their budgets efficiently during their wedding ceremonies, or any other event.

The Vik Chohan Photography studio is reachable on 24/7 basis, throughout the year. Therefore, you can enquire for his services anytime (+1702) 683-6324).

2. Lucas Strawhorn Photography
Lucas founded his photography studio in 2006. Since that period, he has been working with a group of experienced and determined photographers and videographers in his studio. The principal objective of Lucas is to capture all the emotional moments that will help in preserving everlasting memories of your wedding, engagement and any other romantic affair.

He not only offers his services in Las Vegas, but he also extends them to his clients located in places like the Henderson, Las Vegas Valley region, and the surrounding areas. He has a legitimate and licensed photography studio in Las Vegas. You can contact him through (702) 513-7144) anytime you require excellent photography services in Las Vegas.

3. Thomas Ashley Photography
Thomas is among the award-winning photographers in America who possess great expertise in taking excellent pictures. Thomas will make you cherish and admire the gorgeous wedding or birthday party images forever. He is an expert, with a remarkable track record. His customers in Las Vegas refer him as the “city genius” due to his great expertise, timely capturing techniques and knowledge of taking excellent photos.

Another crucial aspect about Ashley is that he is a friendly person who helps the camera-shy individuals to remain confident when shooting pictures or images. At his studio, he works with welcoming and supportive members of staff, who values the interests of their clients. They ensure that you get amazing photos on time after the occasion is over. You can reach their services by contacting this number +1 702-530-2392, available on 24/7.

4. Eric Emanuel Photography
Eric Emanuel established his photography studio in 2002. He offers his excellent services to the residents of Las Vegas and Los Angeles, in the United States of America. He is among the best photographers in Las Vegas, because of his exceptional knowledge and experience in the field.

Eric acquired his photography skills at the City College in Las Vegas. Therefore, he is a distinguished expert, who you can hire to shoot videos and photos during your next event. Eric Emanuel delivers high-quality pictures to his clients in Las Vegas and the surrounding regions. He has a licensed and fully-equipped studio. His phone number (702) 659-8889, is always reachable throughout the year. Therefore, contact him anytime, and he will offer you quality services at affordable rates.

5. Emily Wilson Photography
Emily is a creative photographer based in Las Vegas, in the USA. He is among the best photographers in the region, driven by passion, uniqueness, and honesty. Emily Wilson believes that photos not only show ordinary images, but they also share essential stories and memories.

Her photography rates are affordable. She has exceptional capabilities of shooting photos at different scenes. Therefore, Emily is fit for every event or occasion in Las Vegas and the surrounding regions.

Emily Wilson has an experience of 20 years in the industry. Therefore, he can assist you in getting the best photos at a low cost. You can reach her through her official website ( for a quotation.

The above photographers are the best in Las Vegas and the surrounding regions, because they are not only legitimate, but they are also experienced and highly trained. They offer exceptional services that always satisfy their customers.

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