7 Ways Photographers Can Help You to grow your Vegas Escorts business

There are a great many beautiful escorts in Las Vegas. They not only photograph well, but the are excellent for promoting your Vegas Escorts business. Some of you may be wondering how this is possible. It is pretty good marketing idea. As a business owner, you have to know how to get the most out of your ideas. Here are seven sure-fire ways to use a photographer to promote your escort service.

The Google Pages

There are lots of beautiful escorts in Las Vegas already being promoted on Google. All you have to do is figure out how to use it to your advantage. Tap into something that has not been done before. It is easy to put up an image of a girl and use it to advertise. It is another thing to get rankings out of it. Put up the listing on the business side of Google. Use the correct keywords, such as the photographer being used. The rankings will come.

It is the organic approach, but one that will pay off in years to come.

Use Social Media

Some escorts use social media to help out their businesses and some do not. It is in your best interest to use a social media link. Use the link for your page and the photographer you use. Link the two together. The audience for your photographer will take notice of your business.

There is a service called IFTTT. It helps those who have trouble posting to their sites regularly. The service will do it automatically. Post in one place and it gets sent to all the other locations you use on social media.


This may seem like an outdated process to some, but it really does work. Do you have some new girls you want your clients to know about? Write about them. Tell your audience who they are and where they can be viewed. You do have to keep up with the blogging. It is a necessary tool.

Word of Mouth

it is pretty old-fashioned, but it does work. Nothing travels more than word of mouth. One client may have had a good time with this one girl. Post it online using the referral of the photographer. His clients may be interested in contacting you to find out more. Referrals are a good way to grow a business. This tool is very underrated in the escort business. It is a tool more people should take advantage of. You can use referrals to help your photographer out and vise-versa.

One hand washes the back of the other person.

Networking Is Key

This goes for any business. It is especially important when you are in the photography and escort business. Your photographer knows people. You know people. Why not combine the two? Depending on how well you two get along, you can combine the two. Be careful with this. Better be sure you know the photographer you are working with very well. He may have taken the pictures of a few of your girls, but this does not mean you two know each other.

Find out more about their inner circle. Maybe there are a few favors you can swap out for their time. Make sure it on the level, though. The point is, networking is a crucial part of any business surviving.


Say you have a girl you have used as part of your escort service. Say she likes what she is doing. She may know a few friends who live in the same area. They may want to get involved too.

Same thing goes for your photographer. Say he or she likes doing business with you. They may know someone in the same business who want to get in on it. It is best to know the person well in order to do this. Recruiting friends of the photographer may seem weird, but it does work. It is the same as using a referral service, it is just on a different level.

Photo Blogs

This is a good way to get advertising. In exchange for a service, ask to be featured. Many do this as a form of payment, without putting out any money. Your escort business getting featured on a photo blog will bring big numbers. You will end up connecting with people you may never have before.

To stay relevant in the Vegas escorts business you have to be noticed. You have to work continuously and consistently at it. The more you are noticed, the more clients will come to talk to you. It is good business.

When you are in business for yourself, you need to think of every moment as a business opportunity.

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