Top 5 Best Photographers in Las Vegas

In the modern society, photography is a crucial aspect, especially for the residents of Las Vegas, in the United States of America. In Las Vegas, numerous individuals perform the art of photography for a living, while others do it for fun. During your wedding, birthday party, homecoming, honey money or any other event, you require a highly qualified individual who will take high-quality photos. The images make the event memorable.

However, not all photographers found in Las Vegas have proficient skills to perform the art. The art is driven by passion, determination, and experience. At times, it may be difficult to choose the best expert who will offer you excellent services. When planning for your wedding or any other event, you should ensure that you meet with the photographer before the big day. Meeting with the individual will enable you to create a perfect rapport.

Additionally, you will be able to know the personality of the photographer you will hire. Arranging for a meeting with the photographer is highly recommendable because you will get a chance to have a discussion about the plans for your events, including the date, venue and time.

References from friends, neighbors, and relatives can also play a significant role in the process of getting a photographer with exceptional expertise in Las Vegas. Below is a detailed list of the top 5 best and renowned photographers in Las Vegas. They are the best because they offer high-quality services consistently, throughout the year.

1. Vik Chohan Photography
The Vik Chohan Photography is one of the best studios located in Las Vegas. Mostly, the studio specializes in offering wedding-related photography services. Vik is an experienced photographer and consultant in the field. Many people in Las Vegas prefer getting his services because he serves his clients with respect and dignity.

At Vik Chohan Photography studio, they have modern equipment. Therefore, they take high-quality photos for their customers during wedding ceremonies. Vik is straightforward in all aspects because he always delivers what he promises his clients.

Additionally, the photography services of Vik are highly affordable. He does not charge unreasonable amounts of money to his clients. It is advantageous to everyone in Las Vegas because the residents will be able to plan their budgets efficiently during their wedding ceremonies, or any other event.

The Vik Chohan Photography studio is reachable on 24/7 basis, throughout the year. Therefore, you can enquire for his services anytime (+1702) 683-6324).

2. Lucas Strawhorn Photography
Lucas founded his photography studio in 2006. Since that period, he has been working with a group of experienced and determined photographers and videographers in his studio. The principal objective of Lucas is to capture all the emotional moments that will help in preserving everlasting memories of your wedding, engagement and any other romantic affair.

He not only offers his services in Las Vegas, but he also extends them to his clients located in places like the Henderson, Las Vegas Valley region, and the surrounding areas. He has a legitimate and licensed photography studio in Las Vegas. You can contact him through (702) 513-7144) anytime you require excellent photography services in Las Vegas.

3. Thomas Ashley Photography
Thomas is among the award-winning photographers in America who possess great expertise in taking excellent pictures. Thomas will make you cherish and admire the gorgeous wedding or birthday party images forever. He is an expert, with a remarkable track record. His customers in Las Vegas refer him as the “city genius” due to his great expertise, timely capturing techniques and knowledge of taking excellent photos.

Another crucial aspect about Ashley is that he is a friendly person who helps the camera-shy individuals to remain confident when shooting pictures or images. At his studio, he works with welcoming and supportive members of staff, who values the interests of their clients. They ensure that you get amazing photos on time after the occasion is over. You can reach their services by contacting this number +1 702-530-2392, available on 24/7.

4. Eric Emanuel Photography
Eric Emanuel established his photography studio in 2002. He offers his excellent services to the residents of Las Vegas and Los Angeles, in the United States of America. He is among the best photographers in Las Vegas, because of his exceptional knowledge and experience in the field.

Eric acquired his photography skills at the City College in Las Vegas. Therefore, he is a distinguished expert, who you can hire to shoot videos and photos during your next event. Eric Emanuel delivers high-quality pictures to his clients in Las Vegas and the surrounding regions. He has a licensed and fully-equipped studio. His phone number (702) 659-8889, is always reachable throughout the year. Therefore, contact him anytime, and he will offer you quality services at affordable rates.

5. Emily Wilson Photography
Emily is a creative photographer based in Las Vegas, in the USA. He is among the best photographers in the region, driven by passion, uniqueness, and honesty. Emily Wilson believes that photos not only show ordinary images, but they also share essential stories and memories.

Her photography rates are affordable. She has exceptional capabilities of shooting photos at different scenes. Therefore, Emily is fit for every event or occasion in Las Vegas and the surrounding regions.

Emily Wilson has an experience of 20 years in the industry. Therefore, he can assist you in getting the best photos at a low cost. You can reach her through her official website ( for a quotation.

The above photographers are the best in Las Vegas and the surrounding regions, because they are not only legitimate, but they are also experienced and highly trained. They offer exceptional services that always satisfy their customers.

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